geoOps Product Overview

Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation’s baseline application software, geoOps Enterprise Location Management System is a configurable network and web-based software platform that provides an integrated capability to command, control, and manage ground vehicles and other mobile assets. geoOps software integrates web-enabled functions of route planning, transportation control, dispatching, travel, road condition monitoring, and mission updating through an easy-to-use electronic map framework, while providing secure, near real-time tracking of movements.

geoOps is used on the common platform for the NATO Force Tracking System, MTS software version 5.16, NAVAIR’s Civil Support Teams (CST’s) and our DTTS solution. We develop each new application with the goal that geoOps remains a single integrated code stream, meaning that new components or features can be easily activated or deactivated, allowing flexibility in solutions development and pricing. To learn more about geoOps, please contact or complete the Contact Form.


Key features:

  • Routing, Vehicle Control & Monitoring Tools
  • Shortest Or Fastest Route
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) Route Changes
  • Automatic Alerts
    • Non-scheduled Stops / Route Deviations
    • Remote Sensor Monitoring
    • Failure To Send Position Data Within Predefined Intervals
  • Intuitive And Easy To Use
    • Meets All MTS-ES Specifications
    • Application Driver Data Encryption
    • Color Map Layer Controls
    • Printed Report Formats (Excel Or CSV)
    • Easy To Use “VCR” Playback
    • Archives All Trip Details
  • Two-way Text Messaging
    • Individually Addressed Or Broadcast
    • Vehicle To Vehicle Messaging
    • E-mail And SMS Messaging


International Force Tracking System (IFTS). NATO Friendly Force Identifier (NFFI). NATO has incorporated geoOps into their multi-national satellite-based friendly force tracking system known as NATO IFTS.