Global Satellite Network

Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation’s (CMDC) network offers optimum reliability, security and unequalled value of any mobile satcom tracking and messaging service. Our mobile satellite network ensures maximum security and protection from outside intrusion and meets stringent government requirements. The network currently provides security and reliability to globally based customers. Contact us to discuss how our satellite network solutions can meet your program requirements, objectives and goals, or complete the Contact Form.

Network key features:

  • Satellite gateway stations at multiple satellite providers: Aces, Inmarsat, Optus, SkyTerra, Telespazio, Thuraya
  • Meets stringent government requirements: AR-24 compliant, FIPS 140-2, L2, NSA and DIACAP reviewed, DTRA investigated
  • Ensures maximum security and protection from outside intrusion
  • Traffic is physically and logically separated
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) encryption re-keying
  • Fully redundant
  • Multiple waveforms
  • Extremely low message latency
  • Network infrastructure and security
Customer Care

We maintain a customer care operation with a toll free number that allows customers to obtain support. The customer care operation is integrated with our Network Operations to ensure timely resolution of any network issue or network change requirement that may arise. We maintain a trouble ticket system that allows us to track all customer issues from beginning to end. Statistics from this trouble ticket system drive continuous service improvement.


CMDC employs end-to-end data and header encryption to protect customer information. We can also perform over-the-air encryption re-keying at the customer’s request.


CMDC offers an extremely reliable network service that employs full end-to-end path redundancy. Once a signal arrives at a satellite earth station, it is split down two independent paths that contain independent pieces of hardware and independent backhaul links. In the event of a major catastrophe, we have established a backup operations center in Tempe, Arizona that can take over for our Germantown, Maryland facility. Additionally, since CMDC equipment works over many different satellite systems, the user is not tied to a single satellite operator or the fate of a single satellite.


We offer service over the following satellite systems around the world: Aces, Inmarsat, Optus, SkyTerra, Telespazio, Thuraya.


Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation provides proprietary waveforms that are virtually spoof proof. Our proprietary waveforms incorporate spread-spectrum code division multiple access (CDMA) techniques that enhance the transceiver signal’s low probability of interception/low probability of detection (LPI/LPD) characteristics. Our legacy waveform is currently deployed on over 100,000 systems located throughout the world.


In our case, the waveform is the signal that enables communications between the mobile transceiver and our earth station hub. Our waveforms are ideal for their ability to operate on all L-band commercial satellites. Because they employ direct-sequence spread spectrum, our waveform has inherent interference resistance and a low latency network access capability. In FY09, we completed the development of two high capacity waveforms. These waveforms support dramatically increased data rates and the full duplex performance requirement. The first high capacity waveform is used in our Advanced Software Defined Radio (ASDR) military version transceiver. The second waveform is used for commercial sales and international military export initiatives. The high capacity waveform uses advanced Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) technology and other specialized techniques to obtain optimal performance.