Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Launches Next-Generation Blue Force Tracking High Capacity (BFT-HC) Solution

The BFT-HC Solution Delivers Higher Data Capacity, Faster Throughput and Reliable Service for Comprehensive Situational Awareness

March 9, 2009 – MELVILLE, NY – Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (Nasdaq: CMTL) today announced that its Maryland-based subsidiary, Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation, launched its next-generation Blue Force Tracking High Capacity (BFT-HC) solution for satellite-enhanced asset tracking and secure mobile data communications. Developed to meet the U.S. Army’s demanding requirements for its next generation mobile tracking system, BFT-HC ensures the seamless flow of information across the battlespace, giving soldiers timely access to critical information when and where it is needed the most.

“Comtech Mobile Datacom developed the BFT-HC solution with an eye toward the Army’s future requirements for reliable, secure on-the-move communications. Drawing upon our strong legacy of mobile network experience, we are delivering an evolutionary system that is both compatible with our customer’s existing equipment and infrastructure and future-proof.” said Fred Kornberg, president and CEO of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. “Not only does our solution give soldiers an unparalleled advantage in the most challenging battlefield environments, it is also cost-effective and provides the adaptability, ease of deployment and flexibility the Army needs.” Comtech’s BFT-HC mobile tracking solution delivers superior performance through its three core components: our Advanced Software Defined Radio (ASDR) transceivers, improved ground station equipment featuring our Adaptive Multiuser Detection (AMD) signal processing technology, and enhancements to our battle-proven satellite communications network.

  • Our breakthrough ASDR transceiver technology delivers maximum operational flexibility with multiple data rates, allowing customers to choose the best, most cost effective satellite service for each mission or operating theater, and ensuring optimal performance with substantial operational cost savings. Our advanced antenna design enables higher message completion rates at all elevation angles and in environments where conventional communications are unavailable or unreliable
  • Our state-of-the-art ground station signal processing enhancements ensure soldiers’ messages are received and processed, even in the most congested communication environments. Comtech’s patent-pending AMD product built on an underlying algorithm from our partner, DSpace, eliminates signal noise problems encountered in earlier solutions and dramatically expands the mobile satellite channel’s uplink capacity, improving return link performance by a factor of 20 over previous generation earth station equipment. We believe ours is the first successful implementation of Multi-User Detection (MUD) in an active mobile satellite environment.
  • Our satellite communications network delivers highly secure connections to combat forces, supports more frequent position reporting with less signal delay and handles larger packet payloads. Comtech’s network enhancements implement the latest technology, minimizing channel interference and signal overlaps, maximizing total communication performance, ensuring low-latency, assured information delivery to Warfighters operating world-wide, even in the most distressed or challenging locations Comtech’s BFT-HC solution frees the Army from pressure to immediately replace or retrofit legacy equipment in order to implement tomorrow’s technology today. With BFT-HC, the Army can leverage its existing BFT technology investment, continuing to use its 80,000 plus installed transceivers and world-wide support infrastructure while seamlessly transitioning to the next-generation BFT mobile tracking system. This low risk, high return approach meets or exceeds all requirements mandated by the Army’s Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below – Blue Force Tracking (FBCB2-BFT) program for the next generation BFT system.

For more information on the BFT-HC solution, please visit the Comtech Mobile Datacom booth at:

Satellite 2009/MSUA Conference and Exhibition March 25 – 27 Walter E. Washington Convention Center (Washington, DC) Booth #1104

AFCEA Belvoir Industry Days March 25 – 27 Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center (National Harbor, MD) Booth #1624

About Comtech Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation, a Germantown, Maryland-based company, is engaged in the provision of satellite-based packet data communication systems and location and messaging services through the use of advanced communication and network technology. Comtech’s Model MT-2012 Transceiver features Savi Technology’s ISO-compliant EchoPoint RFID Reader, as well as secure Global Positioning System (GPS) capabilities. To learn more about Comtech Mobile Datacom, please visit the company’s website at

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