Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation (CMDC) Receives Globalstar Certificate of Conformity and Approval for CMDC STM3 Transmitter

GERMANTOWN, MARYLAND – Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation (CMDC), a Germantown, Maryland based company and wholly-owned subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. announced today that its STM3 Transmitter received Globalstar certification and approval.

As a result of this important certification, “The STM3 allows our customers more flexibility and better options for product integration and will expand our footprint into other vertical asset tracking and monitoring market segments,” said Paul Lithgow, President of Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation.

The Globalstar Certification is a game changing milestone for CMDC’s SENS technology. The STM3 is capable of sending up to sixteen packet messages, is smaller and requires less power than previous product offerings. Features such as CMDC’s below the noise packet data transmission over satellite meet the demanding needs of the important markets that we serve.

“The certification of STM3 is a very important step. As a result of this certification, our doors have been opened for further sales of our SENS product line. We are receiving positive response around STM3. Several companies are already developing or have begun the Globalstar certification process with STM3 based products,” said John Fossaceca, COO of Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation.

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